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Otsego County, NY


The Town of Hartwick, is located in Otsego County, New York. The town was incorporated in 1802 and consists of approximately 40 square miles of rolling hills and river valleys.  The Susquehanna River forms the eastern boundary of the Town.  Approximately 2,203 people live within the town.  Town Hall is located at 103 Town Drive, in the hamlet of Hartwick.



       Country Lane  Town Hall  Farm  



We welcome you to our website and hope that you will find useful information about our Town. We invite you to contact the Town Hall at 607-293-8134 for any additional information or services that you may require. Within this site, we hope you will find everything you wanted to know about Hartwick such as the people who keep the town running, and those who provide emergency services. Each of the links at left will take you to a page devoted to that particular Town function.  We are also in the process of constructing additional pages so please contact us if you do not find what you're looking for.

Department Pages:

Town Supervisor - Robert J. O'Brien
Town Board - Janice Gage
Town Board - Quinton Hasak
Town Board - Chris Briggs
Town Board - Bruce Markusen
Town Clerk/ Tax Collector - Andrea Vazquez
Planning Board - Greg Horth Co-Chairman
Highway Superintendent - Fred Koffer
Local Laws Enforcement Officer - Michael Huestis
Town Historian - Carol Goodrich

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Hamlet Revitilization Committee Meeting
October 17, 2019

The Committee will meet on Thursday, October 17th, at 6:30PM. 


Meetings are open to the public. Feel free to drop in! 

2019 Budget Meetings Scheduled
September 11, 2019

The following Budget Meetings are scheduled and will be held at the Town Hall starting at 6PM.


September 17th, 2019

September 24, 2019 

August 30, 2019


This newsletter is provided to you by the residents of Hartwick. If you would like to participate in the production or would like an article published. Please forward it to the Town Clerk at

Printed copies are available for those who do not have access to the internet. We will do our best to make some of these available around town! 

Recycling Updates!
August 27, 2019
Please visit the recycling section of the website for updates on how to recycle better and what you can and cannot put in our bins here at Town Hall! 

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