Town of
Otsego County, NY
 Comprehensive Plan 

Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Hartwick has developed this Comprehensive Plan to, first, determine a vision for the future of the Town, and second, to identify a series of actions and opportunities to help foster this vision. Adopted in August 2010, this Comprehensive Plan replaces and updates the Town's previous

Comprehensive Plan (1988/2000).


The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guidance document and is an important tool that requires Town officials, as well as others, to utilize this Plan to guide decisions about future development and growth within the Town.  The Plan provides appropriate guidance, essential background information, and justification for creating and/or amending Town land use laws and ordinances. This Plan also provides guidance to developers and other project sponsors regarding the Town's vision on where and how projects should be developed. Similarly, the Plan and associated mapping should also be used by various boards and agencies in their review of proposed projects.


Hard copies of the plan are also available at the Town Hall.